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Princess Cadance Stamp by jewlecho MLP FIM - Princess Cadence Fan Stamp by Joakaha :thumb307274955: This Day Aria Stamp by McNikk Shining Armor and Princess Cadance by GeminiGirl83 Wife Tossing Stamp by S-Laughtur :thumb297691395: ShiningCadence Stamp by SoraRoyals77 Princess Cadance Stamp by SoraRoyals77 Cadence x Shining Armor Stamp by SonicandErikfan CadanceArmor - Stamp by A-Ponies-Love This Day Aria Stamp by McNikk


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Hasn't Slept, Barely Eating by gwennie-chan

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Me And Shining Armor, True True Love

MLP Resource: Shining and Cadence 01 by ZuTheSkunk

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At the gala with the royals, im going to the Empire, to meet all my loyal subjects~! Right here at the Gala!

Princess Cadance's Gala Dress by 90Sigma

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He Proposed!!!

Shining Armour Proposes to Princess Cadance by 90Sigma

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Princess Cadance is best Milkshake pony. by DrPancakees :iconcadanceplz: :iconprincesscadanceplz: :iconpinkheartplz:

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A Meme. ((Stolen from PinkiePieLovesGummy))

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 2, 2013, 10:56 AM
Tagged by:
1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No tag backs.
6. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 10 people.

1. Do you believe in aliens? Excuse me..Uh..What?

2. Do you find me annoying? Hmm..
3. Do you know why everypony is scared of the everfree forest? Have you ever been in there? Because there are scary legends of that place And yes.

4. hug? :iconprincesscadenceplz: Sure!

5. what is your favorite food? Cupcakes That Pinkie makes.

6. Who is the scariest creepy pasta monster? :iconjeffthekillerplz:

7. Do you know about the Slendermane? AGH!! He got my Shining Armor...

8. What is your thoughts on Pewdiepie? Excuse me, dont you mean Pewdiepony?

9. Bro hoof?

10. is this a stupid question? Well i couldnt really tell...
My Questions~

1)  Your favorite food?

2) Do you have many friends?

3) Are we friends?

4) do you like cupcakes?

5) do you want one?


7) Favorite music?

8) Favorite show?

9) Favorite Pony?

10) talk again soon?

I tag~







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  • Eating: Apple Fritters!
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Princess Cadence ((MiaMore Cadenza))
United States
Hello everypony, I am the Crystal Princess, And the Princess of Love. i am married to my beloved Shining Armor and i have a little sister named Twi. My Stepmother is Twilight Velvet And My Stepfather is Night Light. ((Twi's and shining's Parents)) I AM NOT A CHANGELING!

Cadance by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen :iconsaysplz: Thank you for the 19 Watchers!!

✬The Official Princess Cadence™✬
╔═╦═╦══╦╗Put This
║╔╣═╣██║║On Your Page
║║║═╣╔╗║╚╗IF You Are Not
╚╝╚═╩╝╚╩═╝role-playing and you're not a poser!
`·.Cadences Oƒƒicial DeviantART page ™

(© ✔Verified Official Princess Cadence)✔ Official DeviantART page of Princess Miamore Cadenza™- // Official |✔| or | Poser |✖|Real ☑ Fake☐


The Real OFFICIAL DeviantART page of The Love Princess Cadence

is an official account by law.

Violators will be punished!!


Verifed By: :iconverifycharacters: :iconverificationformlp:

First Off Im Taken...Wait- Somepony loves me..? ((Shining Armor but im Real life its: :iconredrocketstar: )))

Thats...amazing..One Shocked Princess by jonnydash

:star: :heart: :star:


Hipster Cadence by SirPonyLancelot

Crystal Princess!!

Crystal Princess Cadence by BubblestormX

Coronation Dress:

Princess Cadence with Ceremonial Headdress by Vector-Brony

I need a hug :heart: Please?


Me And Twilight: Cadence and Twilight hugs by JoeMasterPencil

Me And Shining: Princess Cadance and Shining Armour Hugging by 90Sigma

Me And Pinkie: Cadence and Pinkie Pie by xRainbowSugar

Me And The Royal Sisters: Princesses of Equestria by DraikJack
Acrostic Name Poem by Wishafriend
<a… target=new>Acrostic Name Poem</a> by

What Time is It?


Twily: :icontwilight-sparklepony: :icontwilightsparklereal: :icontwilightsparkleee:
Applejack: :iconcowgirlapplejack: :iconaj-elementofhonesty:
Rarity: :icondivineunicorn: :iconthe-fabulous-rarity: :iconunicornrarity:
Pinkie Pie: :iconpartyponypinkiepie: :iconpinkie-pie-mlpfim: :iconpinkiepiepartylove: :iconpinkiepielovesgummy:
Rainbow Dash: :iconjesica-pony:
Fluttershy: :iconfluttershypony4444: :iconfluttershymlpreal: :iconmlprp-fluttershy:
Celestia: :iconxxprincesscelestiaxx: :iconcelestiapony: :iconsunshinetia:
Luna: :iconeveryponyfriend: :iconx-princess-luna-x:
Cadence: :iconmlp-rp-cadence:
Shining Armor: :iconshiningarmorbrony: :iconshiningarmorpony:
Vinyl Scratch: :iconvinyl-scratch-mlpfim:
Derpy Hooves: :iconderpy-hooves:

Princess Cadence photo: Princess Cadence cadence_vector__2_by_birthofthepheonix-d4xsiq6.png

Princess Cadence photo: French Princess Cadence frenchprincesscadence-1.png
Princess Cadence photo: Princess Cadence Anthro tumblr_m615c89RFy1qkrri5o1_500.png

Princess Cadence photo: Princess Cadence my_little_vector___cadence_by_rudahn-d50qauc.png

Princess Cadence photo:  575210_339271536125878_162258317160535_903046_759294458_n.jpg

princess cadence photo: Princess Cadence/Shining Armor PCSA1.jpg
princess cadence photo: Haters Gonna Hate 172062-animatedCadencehaters_gonna_hatepinkie_pie.gif

princess cadence photo: made by egallardo26 on deviant art princess_cadence_season_3_sig_by_egallardo26-d5l30o41_zpsd67f4a74.png

The Family Photo:

Sparkle Family Photo by 90Sigma

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